How many slices of pizza can a diabetic eat

How many slices of pizza can a diabetic eat?

Pizza, arguably the most consumed junk food in the world, may not be suitable for everyone. You’ve probably heard that people with diabetes should stay away from or consume fewer of certain foods and drinks, like sugary drinks, refined grains, and candy.

One food that some consider harmful is pizza but is that really true? Pizza contains carbs, which may raise your blood sugar levels.

So, if someone has diabetes, is pizza genuinely healthy for them? You can check out the previous article we published “Can diabetics eat pizza?” to get your answer. In this article, we are focusing on how many slices of pizza a diabetic can eat.

Should diabetics eat pizza?

People with diabetes can consume any type of pizza, with the exception of a few pieces. Pizza includes carbohydrates that may raise your blood sugar levels. Keep in mind that consuming carbohydrates with fat, fiber, and protein can slow down the rate at which they raise blood sugar levels.

However, because of the high-fat content of most pizzas, we sporadically notice a delayed increase in pizza consumption. Pizza contains a lot of fat, which makes it take longer for your digestive system to process it, which also explains why you could feel sleepy after eating it.

Because of this, blood sugar levels may at first seem normal or even decrease. But after a few hours, your blood sugar level noticeably rises.

How many slices of pizza can a diabetic eat?

A nutrient-rich diet regimen must be followed if you have diabetes in order to maintain good health and control your blood sugar levels. You are not having to give up pizza, though. Instead, occasionally, you can indulge in a slice or two of your preferred pizza as part of a balanced diet.

Note that this one or two slices of pizza you are consuming should be in line with your carbohydrate requirement. If you are on insulin and have been given a diet regimen to stick to then you need to inform your doctor about your desire for pizza. Your doctor can then advise you accordingly concerning when you can take or not take the slices of pizza.

Remember that pizza contains carbohydrates, which add to your daily intake of carbohydrates. Also, other ingredients used in preparing pizza may have a negative effect on a diabetic when taken in excess. It is therefore not advisable to eat more than two slices of pizza, especially when your blood sugar isn’t under control.

Can you eat pizza if you have gestational diabetes?

Many people seem to abstain from their favorite foods out of pure anxiety about gestational diabetes. However, that shouldn’t be so. You can still eat regular pizza while pregnant if you have diabetes.

Why should diabetics reduce pizza consumption?

However, it is a good idea for everyone, not just those who have diabetes, to limit pizza intake. Reasons why

High in saturated fats

200 grams of the identical two slices of Pizza Hut cheese pizza have 10 grams of saturated fat, approximately half of the recommended daily allowance (DV). A diet heavy in saturated fat may also aggravate diabetes because it increases insulin resistance, which has a negative impact on blood sugar regulation.

However, diabetics are not absolutely prohibited from eating pizza. It simply implies that you should consider reducing the amount of pizza and other meals high in refined carbohydrates you consume and focusing more of your diet on full, nutrient-dense foods.

High in refined and total carbs

Whether or not you have diabetes, health specialists generally suggest limiting your intake of refined carbs, including the white flour used to make pizza dough.

However, persons with diabetes or other conditions that make it difficult to maintain their blood sugar levels need to pay special attention to how much total and refined carbohydrate they consume.

Because refined grains are deprived of nutrients like protein and fiber, they have a greater effect on blood sugar levels. As opposed to whole, unprocessed grains, nutrient-dense food sources including fiber-rich fruits and starchy vegetables typically have less of an effect on blood sugar levels.

If you have diabetes, it’s a good idea to monitor your overall carb intake, as well as the types of carbs you consume. This is due to the fact that carbohydrates are the macronutrient that has the most effect on your blood sugar levels.

High levels of sodium

Pizza can have a high sodium content, which could be harmful to some people, especially those who have diabetes. For instance, the salt content of two slices (200 grams) of Pizza Hut’s cheese pizza is 1,248 mg, which is more than half of the 2,300 mg daily sodium recommendation.

This is an issue since people with type 2 diabetes are more likely to have high blood pressure, which is influenced by a high salt diet.

What pizza flavors are best for people with diabetes?

For people with diabetes, the majority of the whole, nutrient-dense foods, like vegetables, fruits, protein sources like fish and chicken, as well as legumes, nuts, and seeds, are ideal (and everyone else). Most of the time, it is best to select carbohydrate sources that are rich in nutrients. Some of these include fruits, non-starchy vegetables, and whole grains like oats, brown rice, and buckwheat.

If you order a pizza slice, there are various ways to make it a little bit more nutrient- and blood-sugar-friendly.

When selecting a slice, pick toppings like these:

• Vegetables that are grilled, such as sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, peppers, olives, and zucchini, are high in fiber.

• For protein, try roasted chicken and fresh mozzarella.

• Olives, pine nuts, and other unsaturated fats

• Choose a crust made of healthy grains, almond flour, or cauliflower to up your intake of fiber.

Also, compared to typical pizza, a pizza made with almond flour or a vegetable like cauliflower usually has a lot fewer carbohydrates and will therefore have a less noticeable effect on your blood sugar levels.

Just keep in mind that some low-carb pizzas, especially those marketed to people on the ketogenic diet, might have a high-calorie count due to their frequently higher fat content than that of traditional pizza.

If you want to make your slice nutritious, it’s best to limit specific ingredients.

Avoid using the following ingredients:

• processed meats like bacon, ham, and sausage

• Pizza crusts topped with cheese, fried chicken, and fried vegetables like fried eggplant.

• As garnishes, sweetened pineapple slices, and barbecue sauce

• Deep-dish and thick-crust pizzas; 

• creamy, calorie-dense sauces like ranch dressing and Alfredo;

Specialty pizzas commonly contain these ingredients, which can considerably increase the number of calories and carbs in each slice.

Two large slices of Papa John’s Super Hawaiian Pizza, for example, have 680 calories and 80 grams of carbs apiece. This meal also has 1,840 mg of salt, which is 80% of the daily recommended intake.


If you have diabetes, consuming a diet rich in nutrients is essential for maintaining your health and controlling your blood sugar. You don’t have to give up a pizza to do this, though.

Instead, include a piece or two of your preferred pizza every now and then as part of a balanced diet.

A pizza that is tasty and healthful for persons with diabetes can also be made at home using lower-carb ingredients like veggies and almond flour.


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