How to get something out of your eye

How to get something out of your eye

The eye, arguably one of the most important parts of the body, is sometimes prone to foreign substances. From time to time, we get things stuck in our eyes and we try to remove them sometimes by rubbing our eyes with our fingers, using water, and other ways.

These are not the right ways to get a foreign object out of your eye. If care is not taken, you might cause damage to your eye and in worst-case scenarios, you can even lose your sight (go blind). 

In this article, you will get to know the appropriate steps you can take when you have something stuck in your eye. Stick around to the end of the article. 

What to do if you have something stuck in your eye. 

If you have an object trapped in your eye, you may be able to remove it using a simple wash approach.

However, there are several circumstances in which you may need to visit an emergency department, such as: If something is stuck in your eye when you have a serious eye injury, and you believe you have a chemical burn on your eye.

It’s crucial to know what will help you get something out of your eye and what will make it worse before you decide to rub it. When something is in your eye, there are a few things you may do to help yourself or someone else.

Before you try to remove something from your eye, make sure to keep these few things in mind

  • Don’t squint or touch your eyes. It can create a corneal abrasion, which is a scratch on the surface of your eye.
  • Do not touch your eyeball with cotton swabs or sharp objects like tweezers.
  • Before attempting to remove something from your eye, always wash your hands with soap and clean water. 
  • If you wear contact lenses, remove them to avoid scratching or tearing them. The foreign body sense could be created by a ruptured contact
  • Use a mirror
  • An eye wash cup can be used
  • Get someone else to assist you. 
  • Swab 

How can you get a visible thing out of your eye?

If the object in your eye is clearly visible, then it is much easier to remove it from your eye. Make sure you are standing in front of a mirror in a well-lit environment. 

Then open the affected eye slightly with your thumb and forefinger.

Place your forefinger on your brow line and your thumb just behind your lower eyelid. This will allow you to see your eye more clearly and determine if the debris is on the cornea (the clear front surface of the eyeball placed in front of the iris and pupil) or the sclera.

The white component of the eye is called the sclera. This is done to be able to see the object or particle on your eye so that you can remove it. Take the swab and gently contact it to the object to be removed once you’ve found it.

However, many people are hypersensitive to anything that comes close to their eyes, and they may close their eyes instinctively when using this method. In situations like this, it may be wise to enlist the assistance of a friend.

Another option is to use eye drops or saline solution to drip into the open eye. Adding moisture to your eyes makes them water even more. Tears may provide enough liquid to naturally blink the thing out of your eye. 

You can remove a visible object off the surface of your eye using one or more of these approaches. Most of these techniques can also be used to get rid of objects that aren’t visible on the eye’s surface.

What to do if you can’t get anything out of your upper eyelid

If you have something stuck beneath your upper eyelid, gently extend it over the lower lid, then twist your eyes to try to dislodge it. If rotating your eyes doesn’t work, try moving them sideways.

The object will then be moved to a visible location on your eye as a result of your eye movements. Once you’ve identified what’s bothering your eye, you can use any of the methods listed above to get rid of it.

Eyewash cups, which are available at most drugstores, are also a convenient way to remove objects from the eyes. Place the cup’s specified end over the entire eye.

Before rinsing out any foreign objects, make sure you’re comfortable filling the cup with an eye-safe solution or eye drops.

How to get an object out from beneath your lower eyelid

To remove an object out from beneath your lower eyelid, you can use the procedures mentioned above. 

Or you can begin by putting your finger on the skin beneath your lower eyelid and (carefully) stretching downward. Then, while swiftly releasing the lower eyelid from its extended posture, glance downward. Rep this process until the foreign stuff is ejected.

If this doesn’t produce the intended outcomes, try one of the other strategies listed, such as rinsing your eye using eye drops and using an eyewash cup to flush your eyes.

Removing chemicals from your eye

To remove chemicals such as shampoo, cosmetics, and soap from your eye, you can use a cup of clean lukewarm water. Place the rim of the cup on the bottom of your eye socket and gently pour, creating a stream of water through your eye.

You can also use your shower head. Simply stand under it and make sure that the water pressure is steady and gentle. Do this with your eyelid open. Make sure the water stream is on a soft stream setting.

You can repeat the flushing method for several minutes at a time or until you no longer feel the object stuck in your eye.

If you wear contacts, what should you do?

Before flushing your eyes with water, remove your contact lenses. This contributes to a more effective irrigation system. Also, double-check your contacts to ensure that the object you’re attempting to remove isn’t stuck on the lens itself.

If your lenses have been torn or damaged, you may need to replace them. It is possible that your contact lens will get caught in your eye. In this situation, you’ll need to remove your lens using the irrigation method indicated above.

If your lens is still stuck, seek assistance from a healthcare expert.

Risks of having something in your eye

Having a foreign object stuck in your eye can create the following risks to you.

  • Injury to the eye
  • Eye bruises
  • Burns 
  • Vision loss

The takeaway from this article

We are all prone to having foreign objects stuck in our eyes. But it is very important to know the appropriate steps to take when trying to get something out of your eye.

Using the right methods can reduce risks such as injury to the eyes, bruises, and even loss of vision.

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