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What is Wapomu.com

This is a health blog providing authentic and up-to-date healthcare information and health news to the general public.


This blog will serve the layperson who is curious about their health and looking for answers to the peculiar health problems that they have. Hence, the language used in writing content would be as simple as possible to understand and straight to the point whenever possible.

Contributors / Writers

People of health origin are allowed to submit their articles to be published on wapomu.com. Every writer will be given the right attribution to their work. However, content published on wapomu.com cannot be republished on other blogs and vice versa. Notwithstanding, the author can link to it at any point in time on any medium for personal or professional purposes.

Also, any article submitted should be submitted with the right set of references to the content.

NB: The Wapomu.com crew has the exclusive right to decide on whether they publish a submitted article or not.

Remuneration of Contributors

Remuneration of contributors will be discussed on an individual basis and is dependent on the quality and length of content submitted. The remuneration will be on a per article basis.

Length of Articles for publication

Every article submitted should average about 700 words. Articles which exceed 1000 words will be given much preference. A minimum of 500 words will be accepted but anything below that is likely not to be published.

Submission of articles

It is recommended that contributors or guest bloggers use google docs when writing their articles and then share it with “[email protected]” when they are done. However, a word document or a pdf document of the article can be submitted directly to the email “[email protected]”. 

The submitted article should bear the name and title of the author and all new contributors or guest bloggers should add a small bio that will appear under the article when published. You are also allowed to add links to your social media profiles as well.

Categories that you can write about

Even though any health-related content may be accepted to be published, the following categories have been established by the Wapomu.com team. Thus an article in any of these categories increases the chances of it being published.

  1. Medical conditions (any disease condition)
  2. Beauty
  3. Diet & Nutrition
  4. Fitness, Weight loss and Weight gain
  5. Health Advice
  6. Medications


The editors are responsible for reviewing the work submitted by contributors and have the right to make any changes they see necessary with the article before publication. If there are any changes which requires the attention of the author, he/she shall be duly informed before publication.

In case of any further clarifications, get in touch with:

Dr. Ehoneah Obed