how to stop bum sweat

How to stop bum sweat on chairs

Our bodies naturally regulate body temperature in hot and stressful conditions by perspiring through our bums. The culprits here are the sweat glands.

These glands can be found in our underarms, feet, chests, pelvic region, and other skin locations. In reaction to heated weather, stress, or even certain medical conditions, these glands release a fluid called sweat.

The body cools down with the help of sweat.

In addition to sweat glands, the buttocks also contain eccrine ducts. The eccrine sweat glands produce a liquid for extended periods of time, whether you’re sitting in an office chair or feeling anxious.

The effect of this fluid is sweating. Due to the development of bum perspiration, sweat stains are visible on the chair.

Conversely, having swampy buttocks puts you at danger for a variety of illnesses and skin conditions. The warm, moist environment of your underwear is perfect for germ growth!

This can lead to both rashes and yeast infections.

Continue reading for solutions to this tricky issue so you can stop being concerned about leaving your mark on seats all across the city.

The Reasons behind Chair Bum Sweat

Everyone perspires; however, some people perspire far more than others. This could be uncomfortable and possibly make you feel self-conscious.

If this happens while you are at work, your aggravation and ongoing worry about leaving a stain on your jeans will distract you and make you less productive. So it’s critical to identify the underlying issue.

The following factors may influence a person’s sweating frequency and volume:

  • Dispersion of sweat glands
  • Genetics
  • Weight-loss index (BMI)
  • Hormones

In the human body, sebaceous glands come in two varieties:

Eccrine glands 

Any area of the body, including the buttocks, may contain these glands.

Apocrine glands

These glands, which are mostly located in the pelvic area and all around the navel as well as in the armpits, chests, and a few other locations, do not regulate body temperature.

Instead, they are responsible for a variety of functions. Secreted in a pungent liquid includes water, carbs, and fats.

Apocrine gland secretion, or perspiration, can be contaminated by microbes on the epidermis, producing an unpleasant stench.

This is not brought on by eccrine discharge, particularly that which is visible on the butt cheeks. Eccrine secretion can occur for a number of reasons, including when a person’s internal temperature rises.

An individual may thus have more buttock perspiration while performing the following:

  • Wearing restrictive or too-tight clothing
  • Extreme heat exposure
  • Exercise

How to stop bum sweat on chairs

Not only is bum sweat uncomfortable, but it also increases your risk of contracting an infection or developing rashes. That is why it is important to learn how to stop bum sweat.

Mostly, bum sweat leads to an accumulation of bacteria and germs caused by trapped moisture between your buttocks. To prevent or stop bum sweat, use these suggestions.

1. Pick cotton or breathable underwear.

The appropriate kind of underwear can keep your behind dry and cool, preventing bum sweat.

Underwear made of natural materials like cotton, which enable your skin to breathe, may be a suitable option.

Use moisture-wicking underwear when working out or engaging in any other physically demanding activity to prevent moisture from building up on your skin.

2. Keep a spare set of underpants in your backpack.

An extra pair of underwear should always be kept in your bag in case you notice that things are starting to become damp. This is especially helpful if you intend to go to the gym or go out for the evening after work.

To reduce the risk of bacterial accumulation, it is important to change out of damp underpants as soon as possible.

This is because the less time you spend wearing damp underpants, the less time bacteria have to accumulate.

3. Knowing where the restrooms are

If the dreaded dampness sets in and you don’t have a backup set of underpants handy, use the restroom as quickly as you can.

Before entering the stall, grab some paper towels and briefly moisten one of them.

Use the damp towel to gently wipe away the sweat before using the remaining paper towels to dry the area. Avoid rubbing or scraping, which can aggravate the condition.

4. Take every opportunity to stand up.

Long durations of sitting provide sweat the ideal opportunity to accumulate between your cheeks.

Try to stand up and take a few minutes to walk around whenever you can if you spend the majority of your day sitting down.

This will allow your back to get some air. Standing while working is thought to help with underarm perspiration.

Set up a standing workstation in your workspace so that you may stand to work if necessary.

5. Position Shifting

Avoid remaining in one posture for an excessive amount of time and switch positions as often as you can.

Sweating on your buttocks can be lessened by allowing air to pass through.

The buttocks heat up when you sit for a lengthy period of time because air cannot circulate across the groin region. The heat causes the sebaceous glands to produce a liquid, which causes the buttocks to sweat.

6. Air brakes or brief breaks

Taking several little rests, sometimes referred to as “ventilation rest periods”, will help you avoid or stop bum sweat. Less perspiration on the bum is the result of these breaks that allow the buttocks to cool off.

The user can stand up during brief breaks and take a little stroll through the neighborhood.

7. Use baby powder

It has long been effective for baby tushies, and it may be effective for yours as well. A small dusting of baby powder can help absorb more moisture and lessen friction. This seems to be quite an effective way to stop bum sweat.

According to some research, applying talcum powder to your underwear may increase your risk of developing ovarian cancer.

While the connection between the two is still not entirely established, choosing a cornstarch-based powder, like this one, will help you avoid the problem.

8. Gel-Cooling Pillows

A seat pillow with cool gel padding is the ideal accessory for a breathable desk chair if you must spend a lot of time sitting still and have no other means of cooling yourself.

Instead of standard memory foam pads, breathable seat cushions for office chairs are advised for comfortable, ventilated, and extended chair sitting.

9. Chairs made of mesh

One of the best strategies to prevent underarm perspiration is to use breathable desk chairs. Ergonomic chairs like the Ergo Chair Pro make working more comfortable and productive.

These chairs have mesh-covered backrests and seats. Because the mesh fabric is porous, air, water vapors, and heat may readily move through it. The seat mesh encourages airflow to prevent buttock sweat while the rear mesh fabric keeps the torso cool.

Many people are curious about how to clean mesh chairs. Simply put, they shouldn’t worry because this cloth is simple to clean.

10. Use wooden beads to decorate seat cushions

Using beaded seat cushions made of wood or covering is one of the best strategies to fight bum sweat. The beaded cushions have a structure that resembles mesh.

There are a lot of spaces or cracks between the decorations, which promotes airflow and lessens butt perspiration. Long work hours anxiety is lessened by the beaded cushions’ messaging feature.

This kind of cushion is also known to have therapeutic benefits.

11. Avoid using leather seats

Leather chairs are a no-no when it comes to airflow. Leather produces sweat because it is non-porous and does not allow air to flow.

Even more sweating buttocks is made possible by the non-breathing leatherette.

12. Avoid wearing leather clothing.

The right clothing selection is essential for decreasing body perspiration in general, especially butt sweat. Clothing made of real leather or fake materials is not permeable to air and is not breathable.

Sweat has a tendency to stay wet longer because of the leatherette. If you’re wearing leather pants, you’ll perspire more on your behind.

What you must avoid

There are a few things you should never do if you want to stop bum sweat.

1. Bring out the leather hotpants.

When it comes to butt sweat, your pants are equally as vital as your underwear. Do not wear leather or synthetic textiles, such as polyester, if the pants are not breathable.

Even while wearing breathable underwear, sweat might still be difficult to drain when wearing heavy, unbreathable pants.

2. Spray your butt with deodorant.

You might be tempted to try deodorant between your cheeks since many people use it to prevent armpit sweat.

However, deodorant typically has a strong aroma to assist mask the stench your apocrine glands create under your arms. These scents’ ingredients may irritate your derrière’s delicate skin, increasing your discomfort.

3. Hold off removing damp swimsuit bottoms.

Warmer weather often makes butt sweat a bigger issue. Additionally, this is the time of year when swimming is most prevalent.

Swimsuit bottoms that are wet from butt perspiration make the ideal environment for a fungal infection or itchy rash.


Everyone gets bum sweats at some point in time, but you can keep them under control by making a few adjustments to your regular routine.

When you can, let your bum breathe and concentrate on keeping the area as cool and dry as you can. By ensuring good aeration and following the suggestions in this article, you can stop or prevent bum sweats.


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